Tuesday, 27 September 2011

arrgghh , seriously

Friday ,0424 (hours) - 23/9/2011

I was asleep at first.then ,I felt warm. seriously warm. I just half awake and not realize anything yet and I tried to turned on the air-cond but it doesn't work.ouh f*ck. seriously I've lost my temper. I've been fully awake and what am I realize is  all my sight is darkness. but I can see the street lamp out of my house. I went to my parent's room with torchlight and all I saw is they still slept. ouh God , how can they sleep after our houses was doesn't have electricity. then, I went to fuse box at down stairs alone. okay, officially, no electricity at our houses . my father came downstairs to fix it but then, a fire splashed out from the fuse box. okayy,it's totally not goood. so we just went upstairs and continued our sleep in dark and warm condition.

do you know how long it takes for my house had electricity once again? 11 HOURS !! damn , so annoying
urghh -________-

Friday, 23 September 2011

roti canai :)

 Okay guys, this is Roti Canai Futsal Club 

stand from left : Najib , Meor Arif , Alif Fatihi , Alif Hakim
sit from left : Alif Sazali , Farid , Khairul Anwar, Ashfaqiah

*hear my story about them*

perangai mcm budakbudak.bile lepak dgn die, rase mcm mat rempit pun ade jugak.hahaha btw die hebatt (:

Meor Arif
da pandai perli dalamdalam.belajar dari sape pun tk thu.hahaha die budak hot bole cite.belaja dari mmber2 die yg hot la. kalau lepak ngan die sure jadi hot doo (:

Alif Fatihi
suke bangga diri.suke kutuk orang lain.tapi otak die bernas.bahan orang ikot masa yg sesuai. kalau lepak ngan die, sumpah bahagia hidup . hahahahaha :D

Alif Hakim
suke wat lawak tak jadi.hahaha but he's a great friend. he's a good listener.memahami masalah kawan.harap dia kekal dengan perangai tolak ansur dia tuu (:

Alif Sazali
kecoh , lawak , hot , partymaker . itu je words yang aku boleh describe pasal dia.untung la pernah masuk majalah. semua perempuan nak kat die.hahaha btw dia fabulous (:

sometimes okay, sometimes annoying, sometimes gilaa.hahaha die suke bahan orang lebihlebihh.kalau die gabung dengan ALIF SAZALI , kompem hidup korang tak aman dgr lawak dorg (:

Khairul Anwar
ouh ouh my ERRY PUTRA ! <3 hahaha dia captain RC . so papehal die yg uruskan. bole ganti kamal la kirenye ni? HAHAHA dia mcm aku jugak , Manchester City's supporters . MC hebat kan (:

okay , this is my MR. BEAN ! <3 bahan org tk kira mood . good listener , sporting . bole dikirekan BESTIES aku jugak la. tapi aku tahu die tk anggap aku macam tuu. hahaha okay bye -____-

*sorry kalau ade ayat aku yang buat korang bengang*

not all the girls , but some (:

Friday , 2039 (hours) - 23/9/2011

As usual, when I open my intrnt , i'll open fb and twitter.today, she's online at fb. after a week, at last, i've got a chance to chat with her.but, not as expected, i have a fight with her. she's not satisfied with my photo with my cousins and my aunt.

The truth is, I just want to take a picture with my aunt. I didn't know that my cousins 'posing' for the photo too. then, the girl that i had fight, plagued by feeling of jealousy. I didn't have any special relationship with my cousin anymore even I didn't talk to my cousin anymore. just because of her. but, she stiiiillll sulky with me.

She didn't know that I had sooooo many problems today, she's not even asking. I don't want to tell her btw. but at least, she should asking even I'll say no . hmm I don't know what to say to her. I'm just told her to text me if she didn't mad and sulk to me anymore.

*to the girls outside , please do not misunderstand . sometimes, boys is complicated . but you all , should keep your boyfriends out of trouble and take care of their hearts.because boys love when you all did that *


I seek for your forgiveness ):

Friday - 1505 (hours), 23/9/2011

I had just returned from school. I have an upset stomach at school. then, after ' solat Jumaat ', I saw my mother crying as she ironing my shirts. she looked at me and asked me if I wanted lunch. I nod I want to eat.

*now,this is the climax*

my mother called me for lunch.then,he told me to call my dad to lunch together but my mother not far away and only a few meters from my dad. okay now, i'm like " okay,why so weird?".back to the first paragraph, is my mom crying because of she had a problems with my dad?my mom doesn't have a conversation with my dad today.not even a fewords.mom , dad pleasee . don't do like this. am i the cause of your problems? hmm -__________-

then dear God, please I seek for your forgivenees if i'm the main problem and brought my parents to a fight ): I seek for your forgiveness