Tuesday, 27 September 2011

arrgghh , seriously

Friday ,0424 (hours) - 23/9/2011

I was asleep at first.then ,I felt warm. seriously warm. I just half awake and not realize anything yet and I tried to turned on the air-cond but it doesn't work.ouh f*ck. seriously I've lost my temper. I've been fully awake and what am I realize is  all my sight is darkness. but I can see the street lamp out of my house. I went to my parent's room with torchlight and all I saw is they still slept. ouh God , how can they sleep after our houses was doesn't have electricity. then, I went to fuse box at down stairs alone. okay, officially, no electricity at our houses . my father came downstairs to fix it but then, a fire splashed out from the fuse box. okayy,it's totally not goood. so we just went upstairs and continued our sleep in dark and warm condition.

do you know how long it takes for my house had electricity once again? 11 HOURS !! damn , so annoying
urghh -________-

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