Friday, 23 September 2011

I seek for your forgiveness ):

Friday - 1505 (hours), 23/9/2011

I had just returned from school. I have an upset stomach at school. then, after ' solat Jumaat ', I saw my mother crying as she ironing my shirts. she looked at me and asked me if I wanted lunch. I nod I want to eat.

*now,this is the climax*

my mother called me for lunch.then,he told me to call my dad to lunch together but my mother not far away and only a few meters from my dad. okay now, i'm like " okay,why so weird?".back to the first paragraph, is my mom crying because of she had a problems with my dad?my mom doesn't have a conversation with my dad today.not even a , dad pleasee . don't do like this. am i the cause of your problems? hmm -__________-

then dear God, please I seek for your forgivenees if i'm the main problem and brought my parents to a fight ): I seek for your forgiveness

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